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Find out more about our founder: Lakechia Jeanne
- With an interview by VITA Student
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To Girls In Science

Welcome back Girlies to the GIS Website - hope you like our new look ! We've been re-organising a few things to make sure the site is as easy to navigate as possible. There will be lots more changes and content on the way so keep a look out ! And continue letting us know what YOU want to see.

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Midweek Motivations

We all need a bit of a pick-me-up every once in a while , Here are some encouraging words from our Team to get you through a slump. And rememeber, if its not hard, its not challenging you.

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Quote of the Week

'As one goes through life, one learns that if you dont paddle your own canoe , you don't move.' - Katherine Hepburn

Our Speakers

Would you like to invite our founder or one of our GIS Team for a speaking engagment ? - View past events and details for bookings on our Speakers pages.

The GIS family

Discover the ~ GIS Team ~ GIS Girls ~ GIS Ladies ~ And all of our amazing community.

The Support

Recieve support from all of our amazing Team. - Email us for Career Questions and we will try our best to point you to into the right direction.

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May we Know them , Be them and Raise Them.


New Year Resolves : Study edition.

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